Other machines

We produce packaging-related equipment and machines for various types of experiments upon customers' demand.

  • Vial Visual Inspection Machine


    Automatic transport vails, change the best angle at meanwhile individual inspection. It was designed from several angles, and the inspection angle from +60°~ 45°. Cap upper, rubber plug inner, upper, side, bottom etc. kinds of requirements to be designed.

  • Overlap banding machine

    Overlap banding machine

    A machine for banding divided products such as four-side sealed products and blister packs.
    The machine cuts heat adhesive film such as OPP and CPP at any length, winds it in the overlap style, and bonds it by heat sealing.
    A stacking equipment or image inspection equipment can be installed as an option.

  • Four-sided sealing machine for bags with zippers

    Four-sided sealing machine for bags with zippers

    A machine for sealing four sides of plasters and gel patches.
    The machine can perform four-sided sealing on regular-size and large-size bags or bags with a zipper. It can be stably operated at the rate of 110 bags per minute. It does not produce any star-shaped chads from the V-shape notch. It is designed to be safer by eliminating protrusions on the packaging material stand.

  • Coating and drying laminator

    Coating and drying laminator

    The machine applies a medical agent on the base film using an edge roll, dries the film using a drying oven, attaches the film, slits it, and winds it up.

  • Plaster test coating and cutting machine

    Plaster test coating and cutting machine

    A compact machine for experiments for manufacturing gel patches by drum press coating. It automatically coats, presses, and cuts the material.

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