Product history

1976 The first Auger powder filling machine 
1977 Micro-weighing powder filling machine 
1978 Weather-strip coating machine 
1980 Adhesive bandage insertion supplying machine 
1981 Poultice manufacturing machine
1982 Double puff manufacturing machine 
1983 Servo driven powder filling machine 
1985 Rotary machine for manufacturing tuck top
1986 Rotary machine for high-speed manufacturing of bandage RK-M1500
1987 Powder filling and sealing machine for ampoules 
1988 Chemical anchor manufacturing machine
1989 Automated machine for manufacturing foot corn patches
1990 Edge coater machine, stamp book manufacturing machine   
1991 Automatic pressure point plaster manufacturing machine, equipment for holding eye drop in manufacturing line
1992 Bug bite patch manufacturing machine, heart medication tape manufacturing line  
1993 Micro-weighing powder filling machine that records all filling operations
1994 Six-head powder filling and sealing machine for ampoules 
1995 Large-size adhesive bandage manufacturing machine  
1996 Rotary machine for ultra-high-speed manufacturing of adhesive bandages
1997 Powder filling line for vials 
1998 Nose pack manufacturing line 
1999 Gel cosmetic tape manufacturing line
2000 Personal cartoner
Equipment for checking for foreign substances in syringes, machine for coating and die-cutting cosmetic tapes
Electroplating particle inspection equipment
Equipment for manufacturing disinfectant in divided packages
2001 Machine for high-speed manufacturing of 20 hemostatic bandages on one sheet
Straw powder filling equipment
2002 Equipment for feeding empty eye drop containers
Liquid filling and sealing equipment for plastic ampoules
Ultra-precision weighing, fully-automatic, high-speed, micro-weighing powder filling machine
2003 Test coating machine for poultices
Injection pad stacking and four-sided sealing machine
Shading paper pasting machine
Four-sided sealing machine for pressure point plasters
2004 Syringe inspection machine
High-speed manufacturing line for adhesive bandages
Automated manufacturing line for water-base tapes
2005 Asthma medication powder filling line
High-speed manufacturing line for poultices 
2006 Automated manufacturing line for foot corn patches
Large size solvent type coating equipment
Manufacturing line for high-speed die-cutting and packaging of plasters
Suppository cleaner 
2007 Automated manufacturing line for asthma medication tapes
Plaster die-cutting and stacking line
Electrode manufacturing equipment
Large-size adhesive bandage manufacturing machine with an intermittent process to attachtapes
Automatic powder filling and capping machine for vials 
2008 Vial cleaning and drying machine
Machine for high-speed coating, cutting, stacking, and feeding of poultice
Three-layer gel coater
Automatic inspection line for blood collection tubes
Hot-melt coater
2009 Plaster die-cutting, stacking, and feeding line
Plaster packaging machine
Hydrocolloid dressing die-cutting and packaging machine 

We have been creating various machines for manufacturing medical products to satisfy many customers' demands ever since the establishment of our company. Here is the history of products we have manufactured.

  • Product history
  • Product history

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