We manufacture custom-made special equipment for manufacturing medical products to satisfy a wide variety of needs.

Ikeda Machine Industry has accumulated abundant experience and expertise by satisfying various needs in the medical products manufacturing field ever since its establishment.
When we design and manufacture custom-made special equipment for manufacturing medical products, we have on-going discussions with our customers. In this way, we can manufacture machines compliant with the standards of manufacturing medical products, the process of which includes validation and adjusting the material that will come into contact with the medicine.
All of our machines are easy to operate as we have introduced a touch panel and other user-friendly features. Their power consumption is minimized by employing automatic tests with image processing using a high-performance camera.

  • Medical tape manufacturing machines

    Machines for manufacturing various types of medical tapes such as adhesive bandages, gel patches, plasters, and transdermal medicines. We have delivered a number of manufacturing lines where coating, die-cutting, inspection, stacking, packaging, and box-packing are all performed in one line.
    Initial material inspection by image processing, foreign matter inspection on products after die-cutting, and dimensional inspection can be performed as well.

    Medical tape manufacturing machines

  • Powder filling machines

    Auger powder filling machines that can perform micro-volume filling to large-volume filling with high precision. Installing a high-performance electronic balance enables ultra-precision filling. Filling data can be collected and managed as well.
    It is also possible to have a container cleaner, capper, or other equipment located in front or back in the manufacturing line.
    Please contact us any time to test out these machines using the actual powder.

    Powder filling machines

  • Other machines

    Other than the machines introduced above, we can manufacture packaging-related equipment and machines for various types of experiments upon customer's requests.

    Other machines

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