Providing custom-made machines catered to your demands

Customer-specific equipment with custom specifications

When our company's representative Mr. Ikeda was a salesperson, he found that many customers experienced difficulties because they could not manufacture their products with existing equipment. Ever since our company was established, many customers have been requesting custom-made equipment. Over time, we realized that producing custom user-specific equipment would help them more than ready-made equipment for universal purposes. This is why we started producing custom-made equipment.

Equipment we have created

Rotary machine for manufacturing adhesive bandages
A customer was not satisfied that their machine could only produce 350 adhesive bandages per minute in intermittent feeding and asked us to create a more capable machine. In order to satisfy their demand, we invented a rotary-type machine that can produce 1,500 pieces per minute.
Fully-automatic splicer
In automatic overlapping of film, cutting at the register mark and setting the adhesive tape needed to be performed manually even though it was called “automatic.” We invented a “full-auto splicer” where adhesive tape can be set and the film can be automatically cut at the register mark simply by setting the initial material.
High-speed machine for manufacturing one-layer, two-layer type ultra-thin, ultra-flexible bandages
Recently, we delivered a machine for manufacturing next-generation hydrocolloid adhesive dressings. We have invented a machine for manufacturing ultra-thin, ultra-flexible bandages with one layer or two layers, which should be available soon. When this machine is completed, hydrocolloid adhesive bandages are expected to become significantly reasonable in price and become more widely used.

We have a great number of industrial property rights.

Our strength is the capability to plan and develop various types of new equipment according to users' requests and provide products that match current trends. We have a number of industrial property rights that we utilize in our products and technologies.
We plan to provide more equipment to customers from countries other than Japan as well.

Part of a machine for manufacturing adhesive bandages

Process of producing a machine

  1. 1. Meeting
    We have in-depth meetings with customers and determine specifications most suitable for their requirements.
  2. 2. Design
    We design each individual machine according to the desired specifications in order to produce the best possible machine.
  3. 3. Manufacturing
    We assemble the machine in our own plant and make adjustments according to the material of the customer's products.
  4. 4. FAT
    We check the performance and operation of every machine at our manufacturing plant in the customer's presence.
  5. 5. Delivery
    Our staff deliver the machine to the customer's plant, install it, and make final adjustments.
  6. 6. Validation
    We confirm that the performance and operation of the machine matches its specifications and document the results.

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